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The Last Alliance

The Last Alliance Previewing The Children of Eorl “The world is all grown strange. Elf and Dwarf in company walk in our daily fields.” - √Čomer, The Two Towers In The Children of Eorl, you will battle on hill and plain against forces seeking to destroy Rohan from within and without. While Rohan counts many valorous warriors and noble lords among its people, they may need to look beyond their borders to forge new alliances. A Long-extended Party is pleased to offer a closer look at some of the new player cards releasing in The Children of Eorl ! Mighty Men of Arms One of Gondor’s greatest warriors, guardian of the Rammas, the soldier Ingold is one of the first to greet Gandalf and Pippin as they enter Minas Tirith. One who seeks “mighty men of arms” will have the opportunity to deploy this hero in defense of Gondor’s ancestral allies! Boasting an impressive strength of will, Ingold is an invaluable asset on any quest. It is his ability to marshal soldiers, however, which is his greatest

First Test Print

First Test Batch We've received our first test batch that we sent out to the printing service DriveThruCards. Still a few things to tweak but we are really excited with how they've turned out! Here's a card fan:   And a scan of Thengel: We also plan on making the set available through MakePlayingCards, though that service will not print the standard One Ring player card backs. We are also investigating other vendors. After making a few tweaks, which should take about a week, we plan to order a second batch. If all looks good with that one, we will be ready for official release! A Long-extended Party is a fan-made expansion for The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and is not endorsed, supported, or affiliated by Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.  The copyrightable portions of The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game and its expansions are © 2011 - 2013 Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc. The Lord of the Rings, and the characters, items, events and places therein are trademarks or regi