First Test Print

First Test Batch

We've received our first test batch that we sent out to the printing service DriveThruCards. Still a few things to tweak but we are really excited with how they've turned out! Here's a card fan:

And a scan of Thengel:

We also plan on making the set available through MakePlayingCards, though that service will not print the standard One Ring player card backs. We are also investigating other vendors.

After making a few tweaks, which should take about a week, we plan to order a second batch. If all looks good with that one, we will be ready for official release!


  1. Looks brilliant!
    The Mythos busters guys made their fan made scenario available in the UK via
    Are there any plans to upload the files there too?

  2. Copy edit: Center the name for thengel not relative to the unique icon

  3. Don't know if you heard about GameCrafter. They can print cards with cardbacks of your choosing (design). Guys from GameOfThrones LCG group used GameCrafter service for printing fan made APs. Here is a link how it works:
    I am looking forward to get this scenario for myself. Anyway, thank you, very nice work.

    1. Thanks, we did look into that service, but their printing options and quality were not satisfactory for us.

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    1. Any recommendations for European folks yet? The shipping costs of the mentioned shops are pretty hefty :/


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