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Women of the Mark, Part 2

A Long-extended Party presents the Women of the Mark . A look at Tolkien's female characters featured in the upcoming Children of Eorl deluxe expansion. Lore notes and additional backstory written by Levanthalas, ALeP Lead Lore Expert. Design notes written by Shellin, ALeP Lead Playtester. Have you been looking for a way to support ALeP? We don't accept any money directly, but you can help commission art through this Patreon  run by Seastan. Supporters of this Patreon get access to full resolution images of brand new art commissions, most of which will get turned into ALeP cards! Théodwyn   Théodwyn was the youngest and most beautiful of the five children of Thengel and Morwen Steelsheen [1] . Born in TA 2963, Théodwyn was 15 years younger than her only brother Théoden, who loved her dearly. When she was only 17, Thengel passed, and her brother became King of the Mark. In TA 2989, at the age of 26, she married Éomund of the Eastfold, trusted by the king as chief Marshal of