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Children of Eorl Developer Diary

 Children of Eorl Developer Diary by Seastan After releasing Children of Eorl, it has been wonderful to see all the positive feedback and words of support come flowing in. I speak on behalf of all of ALeP when I say we couldn't be happier to see you all enjoying the content that we've been working on since September of 2019. As the lead designer for ALeP, I wanted to follow up on the release with a designer diary in which I discuss some of the cards in the set. However, I realized that I have already talked a little bit about every player card in episode 178 of Cardboard of the Rings , where we review the set. So, if you are interested in some of the design decisions around the player cards, I recommend listening to that episode. You'll also hear me defend some of the stronger cards in the set and explain why I think they're necessary. So for this article, rather than talk about player cards, I wanted to get into some of my design philosophy that went into some of the q