ALeP Printing Guide

All ALeP products can be printed through (Hong Kong), (Poland), or by yourself (print and play). These two companies were found to print cards with a similar quality as FFG's cards. However, there are some important things to consider when going with a third party printer, mostly when it comes to card backs and sleeves. These issues are summarized below.

Print and Play

When printing a PDF, make sure that you set "Actual size" and "Flip on short edge".


  • Recommended for US residents
  • ALeP card backs
  • Takes some work to fit in "perfect-fit" sleeves
MakePlayingCards (MPC) prints high quality cards, but they will not print official FFG card backs. Instead, ALeP cards printed through MPC will feature our own custom-designed ALeP card backs. This means that if you are one who uses clear sleeves, or you don't use sleeves at all, and you want to print your cards through MPC, you may have to come up with some way do handle the different cards backs. We have outlined some possible solutions here.

If you are using standard card sleeves, then the following is of no concern, but "perfect-fit" sleevers should be aware that MPC cards are slightly wider than FFG cards, and can take a little bit or work to get them to fit in the sleeve. However, once you get them in, the sleeve tends to stretch a little bit and everything works fine.

If you have decided to go with MPC to print your cards, click the following link. The process is very straightforward: 
We also have a printing manual and all of the card images available if you would like to customize your MPC order.


  • Recommended for EU/UK residents
  • Official-looking card backs

MBPrint is based in Poland and prints high quality cards, including official-looking card backs.

If you have decided to go with MBPrint to print your cards, check out the following links.  We have a printing manual, a ready-to-use PDF file with official-looking card backs, and all of the card images available if you would like to customize your MBPrint order.

Please note that you don't need to download the PDF file. You can just send the URL to the file you want to print to MBPrint (open the PDF link above, click on the desired file, and copy its URL).




Card stock



250 g

350 g


(Children of Eorl deluxe, 198 cards)


($34 if 6+ copies)


($40.40 if 6+ copies)


(€24 if 10+ copies)


(€30 if 10+ copies)

Shipping cost to US

(Children of Eorl deluxe, 198 cards)

$14.99 (Registered)

up to €34

Shipping cost to UK/EU

(Children of Eorl deluxe, 198 cards)

up to $22.64 (Registered),

up to $15.99 (Regular)

up to €16



No (communication via email or Facebook)

Official FFG card backs



Printing quality

Very good


Very good

Card thickness

Close to FFG

~10% thicker than FFG

~20% thinner than FFG

~20% thicker than FFG, may cause issues with perfect sleeves

Printing defects

Very rare


May occur from time to time

Other Printers

After trying out several printing services, the two above were the only ones we thought were worth official supporting. However, you are welcome to try out other services. For what it's worth, here is a quick summary of a couple other printers we tried:
  • DriveThruCards: This was going to be a low-cost option for printing cards with official-looking card backs and decent quality. However, after printing our test batch, DTC has cracked down and decided to no longer print ALeP cards, regardless of the card backs. So if you try to print ALeP cards with DTC, don't be surprised to see your order get declined.
  • ArtsCow: This is another low-cost option, and one that will print official-looking backs. However, we found their print quality and consistency to be quite poor, and have decided to not officially support this option.

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